Greetings and welcome!

Thank you for taking time to join me here on the Pursuing Purity Project.

The entire project includes a three books:  Pursuing Purity (a non-fiction book for women), Pursuing Purity: A Bible Study for Women, and Pursuing Purity: A Devotional for Women. Please feel free to download the study and go through the lessons individually or in your bible study group. Many devotions are also listed here.

Why am I writing this three book project?  Because there are many good books on the subject of purity but most limit discussion of purity to simply sexual purity.  A discussion or teaching on sexual purity is such a wide topic, it could fill the pages of many books. But this project is not focused on just sexual purity. Purity includes far more areas that simply sex.

There is a short verse in Matthew that packs such a punch that most people read it and then, because it almost incompressible, they skill over to the next verse.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”
– Matthew 5:8

My question is ‘should we skim over it?’  If this is the formula for seeing God, to be pure in heart, then shouldn’t we pursue that? Shouldn’t we set our hearts on path to have this purity of heart?

There was at time in my life when purity of heart was the absolute last thing on my mind.  But, God in His infinite wisdom and grace, took me through ten years of learning, ten years of communion with Him, ten years of ‘quiet desperation’ that when it was all over, it was if I woke up and discovered I was simply not the same person.

God is like that you know. If you dare to take Him at His word, He will fill your life with such adventure and incredible awe that you simply cannot contain it.  How did God do this with me? The answer is not easy to hear.  He broke me. He gave me a hint of fellowship so sweet, that I pursue Him to this day. But do not feel as though this is an easy ride. The road gets bumpy, some days are lonely, many times despair filled me so I felt I could hardly breathe.

Was it worth it? Take the bible study and you decide.  My answer ‘I have seen God.’ And, I’d like to share with you how to get to this purity of heart. In John 3:8, Jesus  tells us that The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh.’

God is like  that.

Though I cannot see Him physically, I can see and I do know where the Lover of my soul has been in my life.  With all the things that contaminate and pollute your life are removed (or are in the process of being removed) – you will see Him too.  What a gift! What a promise! What a God!

So, journey with us as we make our way through the bible study and devotions. I will post more about my story as I compile it. It is a good story, so check back here from time to time or sign up for email updates.

Again, thank you for dropping by and please take part in the discussions and exchange of ideas on this site.

Keiki Hendrix
“Practice Three Person Teaching – Learn from God, Teach Another”

This site includes:

Bible Study Lessons

  1. Pondering Purity (Questionnaire and Discussion)
  2. Purity in Order (Power, Protection, and Peace)
  3. Purity in the Obvious (Flirting, Flattery, and Foolishness)
  4. Purity in the Obscure (Meandering, Modesty, and Meekness)
  5. Purity in the Oblivious (Authority, Appearance, and Appetite)
  6. Purity in the Obedient (Status, Satisfaction, and Substance)

Class Notes



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§ 35 Responses to Welcome

  • I am very excited about this! After years of youth ministry, and having mostly girls in the group, I feel God leadinge to work with women of all ages! Purity is the topic I have felt led to investigate further. Thank you for working on and putting together a complete study on this! God bless you and guide you through this! I will share whatever I can.

  • Bruce Baker says:

    Did you write this book/Bible Study? I think this is a great topic! Usually issues of purity are pointed towards the men, but my experience as a pastor is that the sin nature isn’t limited to just one side of the X/Y chromosome chasm. And neither is this specific temptation.

  • What a worthy project. I’ll post a link on my Web site – maybe you could give me a write up about it for our ezine Single!
    Also, not sure if you knew, I have a book coming out in May 2011: Purity’s Big Payoff/Premarital Sex is a Big Rip-off. It’s an anthology of 16 stories from both sides of the fence. I’ll mention this study as a place to get more on the topic.

  • Joseph says:

    Wow great subject and talk about one that the “church” don’t want to hear. Purity is what God requires did He not say be ye holy as I AM Holy Again present your bodies a living sacrifice holy and pleasing to God.For me it was and is very hard to live a holy life. But I know that through the power of the Holy Spirit all things are possible. Thank you for visiting our blog and congratulations on such a wonderful and Godly ministry. May the Lord continue to draw those wishing to press in and know Him as they are known by Him.

  • mossy says:

    Great Idea! Our (at least for Americans) puritan roots probably have some influence here. My understanding is that they were preoccupied with sexual purity.

    So then, what are other meanings for “purity” in addition to sexual?

    • There are so many other areas, often overlooked. Purity in our minds, our actions and our beliefs. We do a disservice when we only approach a life of purity by focusing only on sexual purity.

      Purity brings freedom from gossip, from backbiting, from fantasizing, from idleness, from idolatry – and many others.

      If you have time, please read through the bible study to learn more.

      Many thanks to you for visiting and may God be glorified in and through you all of your days.

      See Also:

  • Darlene says:

    Absolutely, I’d be interested in looking at this. I’d present it to our women’s ministry team leader as an option for one of their weekly Bible study series, and would do it myself if circumstances led to that. I think it is an amazing topic. Well chosen and one that women definitely need to hear.

    My future ministry will be public speaking to women and teen girls, I would love to be able to include this as a resource for them.

    Please let me know how I can participate.

    • Darlene – so kind of you to drop by. When I have completed the study (around mid September), I will put it in a printable format. I will be submitting it for publication then as well (prayers welcomed.) I will email you when it is complete.

  • Alan Melton says:

    Keiki, I am glad you are addressing purity with women in the church. The issue of purity is huge for the church today.

    Without purity, future spouses will reduce the quality of available suitors, will be more likely to dishonor their wedding vows, and will increase the chances of failure in their marriages.

    Without purity, parents will be more likely to fall to temptation and will be blinded to attacks from the enemy on their spouse and children.

    I pray that many believers will be impacted by your excellent study!

  • giannina3 says:

    Hi Keiki,

    Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner on your request. I just saw it today …




  • Karen Jordan says:

    “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”
    – Matthew 5:8 One of my favorite scriptures! Thanks again for the reminder. Blessings on your project! kj

  • Kathi Lipp says:

    Wow Keiki –

    What a wonderful topic to delve into. I can’t wait to delve into all these studies.

  • Wow, Keiki! You’ve done an amazing job! I can’t wait to see what God does through you and your efforts. These are such needed resources!

  • Vonda – You are too kind. Many thanks for dropping by. We have one more lesson to complete and then the proposal can go out for the book and the devotional. Prayers appreciated.

  • somto says:

    Hi Keiki,this is so nice,the devotional I mean.The books in amazon that are free are a bit hard to get because to register,amazon needs a master card which some people don’t have.Is there no other way of downloading these books? Thanks

  • josh says:

    i think there should be more purity resource aimed at teen boys.

    i’m a 14-year-old christian who definitely regards purity as important in my walk with God but there’s not as much support for boys as there is with girls IMO.

  • Alice DeHart says:

    Matthew 5:8 has always been one of my favorite verses, to meditate on, to yearn to know all the realities of….I am excited to participate in this Bible Study.
    Thank you for making it available. May the LORD bless you abundantly with Himself.

  • Sherri says:

    Josh, as a mom of a tween boy I have to agree! There is a ton for girls but not boys. I wish there was more!

  • madybell says:

    I am so happy to have found this website. I know this is going to be a huge blessing. May our Lord continue to use you as a vessel in His kingdom! Blessings =)

  • lornia says:

    I thank the Lord that He let me to this side I must say I’m blessed may God bless you also

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  • Ashley says:

    What an incredible project! Thank you so much for all the work you put into this and for listening to God’s call and guidance.

    I help lead a youth ministry every week in my town. We are hoping to do a purity lesson for both the guys and girls in the upcoming weeks. So much areas of purity apply to both men and women. Thank you and God Bless you!

  • mollie says:

    I am looking for a purity study for my 14 year old and I to do together–It is feeling like it is a little late so I need it to pack a powerful punch! Would this 6 week study be the best or would you have other recommendations?

  • Hi, after reading this awesome post i am as well happy to share my familiarity here with mates.

  • Aretha Rhone says:

    I come today to recommand myself on where to start studying about pursing purtity, I am 24 about to have a baby but looking towards god to believe in him more plus faith on where my mind is leading me, my heart is solid my feet is cold. SO today is my first step and thats getting addition on where to start.

    • Edwina Annan says:

      Hello Aretha! Hope you are hanging in there! I just read this and just want you to know that God is more than faithful and will see you through. Continue to look to God, trust Him, believe Him and know that all things work together for your good…trust me they do! It’s written in God’s word. I would encourage you to spend time with God and seek His face each day, reading His word, in worship and in prayer and ask Him to guide you each day on the path that He wants you to follow.

      Don’t give up and don’t lose hope. Never give up. God will see you through. I wish you the very best and please keep praying for your baby, committing him/her to God each day. I will take your name down and will be praying for you and your baby also and pray that even as you begin this journey, God will hold your hand and walk with you every step of the way, giving you the strength you need even as you take the steps towards pursuing purity. It may get tough along the way, but don’t give up.

      I have a blog I post on once a while…if you are interested you could take a look at it.


      I live in Ghana and a friend of mine and I are having a christian conference for young women and our theme for this year is PURITY (His beauty for my ashes) of which I am a young speaker and I believe you would be blessed. I’m not sure where you live but would like to invite you to come. It’s in Ghana, on the 30th of December, 2013.

      If you are not able to come and would like a copy of the DVD you could let me know also and you can contact me via my email address.



  • Zoretha McNeal says:

    Wow!! This is such a blessing to find…after years up on years up on even more years of allowing sin to instruct my life I got pregnant for the 8th time with no husband, no dad to help raise our son..I stopped for a moment and could finally hear Him so clearly… He has said it for years… He was revealing Himself to me and I couldn’t see until now… My baby is 8 months old and I have not been anyone since my pregnancy…not because of me all because of our Lord… I have been compelled to begin a study on purity to prepare for an upcoming purity ball that I am throwing at my church… I have celebrated sin for years. That life is over… God bless you for sharing this…

  • Keemetswe says:

    Im looking forward to hearing more from you

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